Dariel Williams

Head instructor of Protection Fitness, Dariel Williams was born in Brooklyn, New York. Amazed by the Fighting Arts while a young boy, began training in Shotokan Karate for several years. While In High School joined the Karate Club and began training in Taekwondo Under Duk Son Son. He then had the luxury of meeting various martial artist, was given an opportunity to cross train in Wing Chun Kung Fu under the disciple(s) of Master Jason Lau. While still a young man continued the the thirst for martial knowledge furthering his training in the art of Ninjitsu attaining several ranks from different (ryuÆs) families; Myaa Ryu Ninjitsu-Do Black Belt, Kaidokuryu Brown Belt, Genbukan Ninpo 6th kyu. After training in Tradition martial Arts for over approximately 20 plus years, saw a feature on ESPY TV, on the Krav Maga System starring Rhon Mizrachi (KMF). Immediately fascinated by the simplicity of the Defensive techniques and tactics contacted him and began training with him for the next 5years starting in 1998. In 2003 moved to Long Island and continued training in Long Island. In 2006 achieved teaching status in Krav Maga and began teaching. Over the next years broadened his knowledge of the system by acquiring teaching status from multiple Krav Maga Organizations Nationally and Internationally. Long Island’s only multi-certified Krav Maga Instructor.