Kids Krav Maga

We have created a dynamic program that teaches kids/teens in realistic self defense, motivates them to improve their overall level of fitness, this empowers the kids/teens of today to strive to be the best they can be. The program develops crucial life skills so that they can become the Winners they are intended to be, in all aspects of their life

Life Winners In Training

Our goal is for the kids/teens to realize that becoming a successful and accomplished individual, a winner, works hard with true dedication. Respect, discipline, focus, sportsmanship, teamwork, manners and common sense are just some of the life skills carefully implemented into the Kids Krav Maga program.

Classes Are Organized

We have developed a specialized program. The class is structured to be creative, fun and challenging. Each class corresponds to the skills and sensitivities of the kids/teens. Through our program, the Krav instructor(s) will educate your child about the importance of environmental awareness, safety, making their bodies stronger, building strong character, enriching their minds, and creating learning experience(s).